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  • Tomorrow night is the FHC Fine Arts Festival form 6 to 9pm in the Spartan Cafe. It's free to all. Come support your visual, vocal, instrumental, and performing artists. 3/31

  • Monday will be FHC Cardinal Day. Let’s turn our blue and silver, red for a day! Administrators will be giving away tickets to participating students during passing periods for prizes!

  • It's time to clean out those closets!! Starting on Monday, April 3rd through April 14, Central Outreach is hosting a shoe drive here at Central. Any shoes, new or used, will be collected for the Shoeman Water Project. For every pair of shoes donated, you have a chance to WIN A $50 GIFT CARD, one to Quik Trip and the other to Chik-Fil-A!! Get your family and friends to donate their shoes, and you could win big time while supporting a great cause. 4/14


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The online home of the Central Focus